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The Flow Of Life Podcast

Helena Carrizosa Business & Life Coach

This podcast aims to start conversations about interesting and difficult topics, some useful, some exciting but most importantly and hopefully...liberating!Conversations that will contribute to raising our collective awareness, and achieving inner alignment, so we can thrive together in harmony as humans and divine beings. THE FLOW OF LIFE PODCAST IS AN INWARD JOURNEY OF EXPLORATION, LEARNING & INTEGRATION OF OUR HUMAN NATURE AND DIVINE ESSENCE! Discovering how to use your intuition as your seeker of truth on each of the 4 levels of your experience: the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, so you can experience freedom, harmony and peace within yourself and become a beacon of light for others.../Expect discussions on...Psychology / Coaching / Creativity / Art / Being Human / Intuition / Spirituality //// For more information on business or life coaching visit.../// WEBISTE: FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN: INSTA: /// ........................ ......... JOIN THE CONVERSATION on the private Facebook group, "The Flow Of Life Podcast Forum"...